The Deaf Dream

By: Travis Eckert

Junior Intern

Babbling is quite an interesting thing. Did you know that babies, no matter their hearing status, babble? In the first few months of life, infants develop the same way in this regard, but at about  6 months, hearing infants begin to produce consonants and vowels fairly rapidly, while the deaf infant will stop babbling. It would seem this is the case because hearing children have a full auditory feedback loop, whereas deaf infants do not. However, if that deaf child is born into a signing deaf family, we may see a rather unique happening, babbling, via manual signs. These manual babbles are more than gestures, and are truly isolated handshapes or movements. Deaf infants, unsurprisingly, use symbolic gestures more to communicate than hearing infants, likely due to the utility of manual babbling, but having the inability to have a full language at that stage of…

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Is the Demographic of Interpreters Changing?

Is the Demographic of Interpreters Changing?

The Deaf Dream

Daniel V.

Junior Intern


I find myself finally done with the ITP program and in my new career as an educational interpreter.  I was dreading sharing the inevitable story of how I started in my profession and the Deaf community, mainly because I have no friends or family who are Deaf themselves.  I found more often in my classes that the other students had some connection to the Deaf community before taking up study in ASL or interpreting.  To my surprise I do not find myself in the minority any longer.  Often I will be more in line with my peers in reason for starting interpreting and having no connections to the deaf community until after working in it. This made me curious.

It’s interesting to wonder what this means for the profession and the community that it serves.  While learning about deaf culture I was told that there is a…

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Auditory Illusions

Auditory Illusions

Breaking the Sound Barrier

I suffer from tinnitus, why , I don’t know but I have been suffering from it since my late teens. It wasn’t always constant, I had more good days and nights than bad. Gradually though, it became 24-7 and extremely annoying at times. Tinnitus are auditory illusions that you hear in one or both ears, varying in volume, intensity and sounds. Ringing, beeping, tapping, even a morse code like sound, it’s so annoying and loud at times that it’s a wonder I am the only one that hears it. It affects my sleep. It affected my hearing tests, and still does even with the cochlear implant. Nothing drowns it out, or makes it go away. The sounds aren’t real, the brain just thinks they are, which is why they are called auditory illusions.

What causes tinnitus? Many things could cause it like: stress, exposure to sudden loud noises, or constant…

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Not A Sideshow Performer

Not A Sideshow Performer

Breaking the Sound Barrier

I participate in a couple online FaceBook groups for cochlear implant recipients like myself, or parents of implanted children. In one of them, a member who was recently activated, commented that some of their friends has been testing the new “hearing”. They were still acclimating and adjusting, and yet these friends were trying to see what they heard. Talking in noise, mumbling, not looking at them, and so on. Apparently that seems to happen to a lot of new recipients as there was a flurry of responses all agreeing it was one of the single biggest complaints they had about their friends and family.

For me, in the past, I was asked to show off lip reading skills to my teen friends, which I did occasionally. Still, it does not mean that I was comfortable with it, not only because I could easily get something wrong, and sometimes did, but…

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Waiting for Inspiration

Waiting for Inspiration

Breaking the Sound Barrier

Writing isn’t an easy thing.. Even when I seem to post daily…

It requires inspiration, a topic, and actual time to sit down and write, which is hard to do caring for an active toddler, and two older children. Then there are the house hold chores, that get neglected by playing with the toddler. Or a visit to the emergency room two days in a row for abdominal pains.

So while I am busy.. Review some if my favourite posts:

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Not A Sideshow Performer

There are so many good posts here, so if you haven’t explored the archives, and the links, please do.

Stay Warm! This winter has been rough! I’ll be out skating later with the other two, yikes!

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Re-Blogging vs Copyright Infringement

Re-Blogging vs Copyright Infringement

Savvy Writers & e-Books online


. has had more than 275,000 readers as of last week and I am very grateful for over 1,100 subscribers and comments. The blog articles, tips and links I work on, often for hours or even days, such as this old one, but still THE most popular, got even copied and pasted into other peoples blogs – even so there is a RE-BLOGGING function on all WordPress sites.  It is easy to use: just click on it, write your own comment and have your subscribers get curated content – you save time and you don’t run into possible copyright problems.

Re-blogging is considered legitimate sharing when the original source is obvious and available, linking to the original source, comparable to sharing on Facebook, where it includes the link and where only a small portion is shown. Readers can then follow the link to read the full…

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Children and Cochlear Implants

Children and Cochlear Implants

Can You Hear Me Now?


I’ve been blogging a lot about how my fiance reacts to certain aspects of my hearing loss.  It’s always interesting to figure out his perceptions.  I suppose I’ve always been used to people just kind of . . .getting it, you know?  Most of the people in my life have known me a long time, so my hearing loss isn’t something that confuses them anymore.  I have to keep reminding myself that my fiance has known me for a little over a year and half.  It feels like he’s known me forever.

We were talking about hearing loss and kids a few days back when the topic of cochlear implants came up.  He already knows that if we have girls, there is a very high chance that they will be hard of hearing (it seems to run through the females in my family).  He is of the opinion that if…

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