“Internet and the Deaf” An unique Platform!

The internet caused a revolution the way people communicated. It bought the demise of many traditional communication methods that were established for many years. Internet has emerged as an accepted way of life and has moved towards a mobile centric and internet centric society.

Internet is now a popular space for the “deaf” to meet, talk, learn, share, and understand differences in cultural, social, traditional lives locally, nationally and internationally. The benefits of internet to the deaf is a unique, cost effective, easily accessible medium of communication and a wonderful way to interact with their peers and with their families.

Internet is a unique platform and a gift for the deaf. It helps remove a lot of barriers between the deaf and their peers and parents.

 Internet communication can help enhance the daily lives of the deaf.

The isolation of the deaf can be abolished by encouraging the use of internet and helping them to achieve high levels of motivation as internet is a very unique and convenient communication tool that does not require a lot of effort to learn how to use and to make use of it.

The advantages are not technical or practical it is the psychological advantages and motivational levels are higher because internet provides the ability to control and to be independent. Internet communication can help the children, teens and the young deaf to achieve self-esteem, confidence, security and connectedness and personal empowerment and slowly eradicate loneliness, isolations, and lower self-esteem.

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3 thoughts on ““Internet and the Deaf” An unique Platform!

  1. I beg to differ, the internet is isolating, in that those who isolate themselves from the world become even more so. Yes it has given us an easier means if communication, with Skype, IM, Facebook etc. But it doesn’t help one meet and socialize with members of the local community. The Deaf still have to leave their homes. Psychologically, it can create a negative impact, as a child or teen with little self esteem will choose to stay immersed in the world of the Internet.

    • Thanks for the reply!! Life is different in other parts of the world yes…but in India 18+ million is the deaf community. 20-35% have access to internet. The rest don’t and they have no access to basic education because of far flung schools or communities… imagine a sign language interpreter or teacher or schools could connect to these remote locations via Internet !! that’s a positive outlook… other than that for the deaf to be in constant connection online is already in practice…. almost every deaf who can afford to own a hardware to access internet are online …. and they will be online….here we are working on an a different scope to reach the unreached… to provide a platform to connect…. locally…nationally….internationally…… please note…unlike the west 70-80 percentage in india dont have access to TV, Internet, or other platforms to interact, exchange or share …

      • “please note…unlike the west 70-80 percentage of ‘DEAF’ in india dont have access to TV, Internet, or other platforms to interact, exchange or share …” – they dont own a personal TV for themselves…Computer, or Laptop, or Tabs or even a smart phone… to watch deaf related programs….there isnt even a Deaf news TV Channel nor a deaf news or related program Online!! Nor everyday sign language based programs in India !! we have sent a rocket to Mars just two weeks back !!!

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