Children and Cochlear Implants

Children and Cochlear Implants

Can You Hear Me Now?


I’ve been blogging a lot about how my fiance reacts to certain aspects of my hearing loss.  It’s always interesting to figure out his perceptions.  I suppose I’ve always been used to people just kind of . . .getting it, you know?  Most of the people in my life have known me a long time, so my hearing loss isn’t something that confuses them anymore.  I have to keep reminding myself that my fiance has known me for a little over a year and half.  It feels like he’s known me forever.

We were talking about hearing loss and kids a few days back when the topic of cochlear implants came up.  He already knows that if we have girls, there is a very high chance that they will be hard of hearing (it seems to run through the females in my family).  He is of the opinion that if…

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