Auditory Illusions

Auditory Illusions

Breaking the Sound Barrier

I suffer from tinnitus, why , I don’t know but I have been suffering from it since my late teens. It wasn’t always constant, I had more good days and nights than bad. Gradually though, it became 24-7 and extremely annoying at times. Tinnitus are auditory illusions that you hear in one or both ears, varying in volume, intensity and sounds. Ringing, beeping, tapping, even a morse code like sound, it’s so annoying and loud at times that it’s a wonder I am the only one that hears it. It affects my sleep. It affected my hearing tests, and still does even with the cochlear implant. Nothing drowns it out, or makes it go away. The sounds aren’t real, the brain just thinks they are, which is why they are called auditory illusions.

What causes tinnitus? Many things could cause it like: stress, exposure to sudden loud noises, or constant…

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