Is the Demographic of Interpreters Changing?

Is the Demographic of Interpreters Changing?

The Deaf Dream

Daniel V.

Junior Intern


I find myself finally done with the ITP program and in my new career as an educational interpreter.  I was dreading sharing the inevitable story of how I started in my profession and the Deaf community, mainly because I have no friends or family who are Deaf themselves.  I found more often in my classes that the other students had some connection to the Deaf community before taking up study in ASL or interpreting.  To my surprise I do not find myself in the minority any longer.  Often I will be more in line with my peers in reason for starting interpreting and having no connections to the deaf community until after working in it. This made me curious.

It’s interesting to wonder what this means for the profession and the community that it serves.  While learning about deaf culture I was told that there is a…

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