Not A Sideshow Performer

Not A Sideshow Performer

Breaking the Sound Barrier

I participate in a couple online FaceBook groups for cochlear implant recipients like myself, or parents of implanted children. In one of them, a member who was recently activated, commented that some of their friends has been testing the new “hearing”. They were still acclimating and adjusting, and yet these friends were trying to see what they heard. Talking in noise, mumbling, not looking at them, and so on. Apparently that seems to happen to a lot of new recipients as there was a flurry of responses all agreeing it was one of the single biggest complaints they had about their friends and family.

For me, in the past, I was asked to show off lip reading skills to my teen friends, which I did occasionally. Still, it does not mean that I was comfortable with it, not only because I could easily get something wrong, and sometimes did, but…

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