“Internet and the Deaf” An unique Platform!

The internet caused a revolution the way people communicated. It bought the demise of many traditional communication methods that were established for many years. Internet has emerged as an accepted way of life and has moved towards a mobile centric and internet centric society.

Internet is now a popular space for the “deaf” to meet, talk, learn, share, and understand differences in cultural, social, traditional lives locally, nationally and internationally. The benefits of internet to the deaf is a unique, cost effective, easily accessible medium of communication and a wonderful way to interact with their peers and with their families.

Internet is a unique platform and a gift for the deaf. It helps remove a lot of barriers between the deaf and their peers and parents.

 Internet communication can help enhance the daily lives of the deaf.

The isolation of the deaf can be abolished by encouraging the use of internet and helping them to achieve high levels of motivation as internet is a very unique and convenient communication tool that does not require a lot of effort to learn how to use and to make use of it.

The advantages are not technical or practical it is the psychological advantages and motivational levels are higher because internet provides the ability to control and to be independent. Internet communication can help the children, teens and the young deaf to achieve self-esteem, confidence, security and connectedness and personal empowerment and slowly eradicate loneliness, isolations, and lower self-esteem.

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Low cost and advanced technology for the Deaf and HOH

Hundreds of individuals, organisations, institutions, centers, schools, colleges working, supporting, promoting The Deaf, We are living in a world that has advanced so much we have nano technology to massive rockets travelling beyond the boundaries of our Space!!!

Yet we are still in our infancy to imagine, create, discovery new technologies to help the Hard of Hearing and the Deaf in a more advanced way and making sure it is available ‘Low Cost” !!

The existing innovations, products, and available technology are could be, maybe very expensive and not reachable to a very large section of the Deaf and HOH world wide.

Is there a commom international platform for R&D?

Are there technology groups that are working on ideas to support the Deaf to Keep in Touch and Get in Touch?

The Indian Sign Language and the shortage of trained/proficient ISL Teachers/Instructors

The biggest problem faced by the deaf in India is the shortage of deaf schools and an established and proven curriculum the major reason is the number of teachers, instructors trained in Indian Sign Language are so low. The proficiency of being able to be a trained or an expert in Indian Sign Language has its own drawbacks.

The disadvantages of the deaf learners not able to acquire the methods of learning in India poses a more grave problem, wherein the parents of the deaf children doesn’t know ISL, don’t communicate in sign language and the setbacks are further in the process of learning accessibility by not able to start schooling or education in sign language.

If deaf children are not trained at an early age between 3-5 then the results of chances of reducing the hearing loss by existing methods would become a constraint. Specially trying to learn a new language with the existing mother tongue. Social stigma attached to being a deaf child in India irrespective of where the child lives. Most of the children live in towns, rural or villages etc.

As per the National association of Deaf in India few of the Interventions areas are as mentioned below:

  • Policies of both the Governmental and Non- Governmental Schools.
  • Should more Pupil-centric and not Teacher-Centric.
  • Reading Skills Improved
  • Assessment if the Deaf Children using proven and modern methods
  • Training improvements of the Teachers
  • A more clear and proper perspective